M100 in Coma Berenices


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Description: Even though located in Coma Berenices, M100 on the right is considered as part of the Virgo cluster of galaxies and is one of the brightest members.  This galaxy exhibits the grand design spiral structure.  Many other galaxies are visible in the background.  The larger galaxy to the left is NGC4312 (spiral).  Going clockwise around M100 from the top  are NGC4328 (elliptical) and NGC4323 (spiral).  Look at the full size image to see many, many more galaxies.
Exposure Data: 3/4/2006.  CRGB: 18x10m, 6x10m, 6x10m, 6x10m.  RGB 2x2. -25C, 0.55 arc-sec./pixel.
Processing: Acquired via CCDAutoPilot 3 and CCDSoft, reduced, aligned and combined in CCDStack, 50 RL iterations in AIP4WIN, LLRGB combine, curves, levels and other processing in Photoshop.

Optical System: 14.5 Ritchey-Chretien @ F/9 w/FFC, IMG6303E/CFW-7 CCD camera, AstroDon filters, Paramount ME, dithered 3 pixels, off-axis guided.
Comments: Average FWHM of combined luminance is 2.1 arc-sec and deconvolved to 1.7 arc-sec.