M65 in Leo


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Description: This spiral galaxy is highly inclined to our view and appears to be the least impacted by the interaction with the other members of the Trio in Leo.  The group is 30 million light-years distant and includes M66 and NGC3628.
Exposure Data: 2/18/2004.  LRGB: 30x3m, 8x3m, 8x3m, 8x3m. RGB binned 2x2. -20C, .59 arc-sec./pixel.
Processing: Acquired via Sequencer II and CCDSoft, reduced, aligned and combined in Mira, DDP in Maxim, LLRGB combine, curves, levels and other processing in Photoshop.
Optical System: 14.5 Ritchey-Chretien RCOS Truss @ F/6.4, ST-10XME NABG/CFW-8A CCD camera, Paramount ME.  Unguided!
Comments: Seeing was around 2.4 arc-sec.  First light with AstroDon filters.  RGB combine ratio for equal exposure times calibrated on a G2V star was 1:1:1.1.