NGC3628 in Leo


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Description: This edge-on spiral galaxy is part of the Trio in Leo together with M65 and M66.  All are apparently bound and this galaxy is probably being distorted by interaction with the others.  The Trio is 30 million light-years distant.
Exposure Data: 3/17,21/2005.  LRGB: 30x5m, 7x5m, 8x5m, 13x7m. RGB binned 2x2. -20C, .55 arc-sec./pixel.
Processing: Automatic acquisition, dithering, focusing via CCDAutoPilot2 and CCDSoft, reduced and aligned, in Mira, LRGB combine in Maxim, L: 50 RL in AIP4WIN, LLRGB combine, curves, levels and other processing in Photoshop.
Optical System: 14.5 Ritchey-Chretien @ F/9 w/FFC, IMG6303E/CFW-7 CCD camera, AstroDon filters, Paramount ME, dithered 3 pixels, off-axis guided L, unguided RGB.
Comments: Seeing around 2 arc-sec.  Color data acquired with the waxing moon 37 away.  The rays in the upper left are from SAO99552, a Magnitude 7.12 star in the OTA's FOV but off the chip.