IC5070, The Pelican Nebula in Cygnus


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Description: The Pelican nebula is a large emission and reflection nebula about 2 east of Deneb, the brightest star in Cygnus.  By imaging using a Hydrogen alpha filter, the nebulosity, which consists largely of Hydrogen alpha emission, is emphasized.
Exposure Data: 9/19,20/2002.  H alpha: 2 x 6x30m. -5C, 3.5 arc-sec./pixel.
Processing: Acquired via script with Maxim, reduced and aligned in Mira, Debloomer and hot/cold pixel removal in Maxim, mosaic assembly, post processing in Photoshop.
Optical System: FSQ-106 @ F/5, ST-8E USB NABG/CFW-8A CCD camera, eFinder/STV, Paramount ME mount.
Comments: Careful, linear flats required for this image.  Total exposure was 6 hours with 8 hours of darks.  Here is a high resolution image of the upper central region (the pelican's neck) taken with the same exposure time, 6 x 30m, but with my 10" RC at F/7.2 (autoguided) for an image scale of 1 arc-sec./pixel.  The FWHM's are around 2.1 arc-sec.