IC5146, The Cocoon Nebula in Cygnus


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Description: The Cocoon nebula, around 4,000 light years distant, consists of a young open cluster surrounded by emission, reflection and absorption nebula.
Exposure Data: 7/8/2002.  RGB: 10x10m, 5x10m, 10x10m, G 2x2. -10C, 0.49 arc-sec./pixel.
Processing: Acquired via Sequencer, reduced, aligned, block sum (RB) in Mira, Sigma Reject combine, RGB combine, RB merge 70%/100%, in Maxim, final adjustments in Photoshop.
Optical System: 12.5 Ritchey-Chretien @ F/9, ST-10XME NABG/CFW-8A CCD camera, Paramount ME.  FSQ/STV guided.
Comments: Using a block sum in Mira eliminates the need for additional R,B binned frames at some slight loss in color SNR.