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Updated: 10/02/2007


Astro-Physics .67x Focal Reducer and the AO7 (9/12/2003: Working with Brad Ehrhorn of RCOS, I was able to devise an arrangement whereby the AP .67x reducer achieved a reduction of .66x with an AO7 between it and the camera.  This arrangement consumed low enough back focus distance such that the design mirror spacing of my 12.5" RC was maintained while still using the RCOS instrument rotator. The latter consumes around 2.5" of back focus.

Ritchey-Chrétien Telescope Considerations (5/17/2003): I have added a page here to describe issues relating to usage of this class of telescope.  There are discussions on back focus distance maintenance with and without focal reducers, as well as information on image chain components.  Added a section on telescope aberrations along with a very useful program that allows identifying sources of problems.  More info will be added as it is developed.  Added a link to collimation instructions written for RCOS.

Light Box Design (5/21/2003): Here is a page on a light box I built for use with my RC.  You may be able to get some ideas for your own needs.  The high intensity white LED's provide a good balanced light source to keep the exposure times for the blue flat field reasonable.

RCOS 14RC 3/2/2003: I recently had an opportunity to evaluate a 14.5" RC by RC Optical Systems with optics from Aries.  The Aries optics operate at F/9.  After proving that this is the largest scope I could possibly install in my observatory, I went on to the evaluation, which may be seen here.

RCOS 10RC Truss (1/13/2003):  I have been doing some testing on this product for some time and have been allowed to release it for general access.  Here is the report on first  impressions and some interesting usage notes and observations.