Rule 42

As I grow older, the realization eventually dawns that your time on earth has real limits and consideration should be given about how to spend that remaining time. Additionally, stress and angst has been shown to actually shorten life expectancy. In most cases, neither of these concepts occurs to those with few years on this earth or an unexamined life but they are real nonetheless. Over the past few days, I have been engaging in considerations of these issues and their implications. Accordingly, I have developed some personal guidelines that I intend to follow to the best of my ability:

Expect the best from people
Until proven otherwise, I will assume all people have good intentions and motives. I won't assume otherwise based on one experience - everyone is entitled to some mistakes. But I won't ignore repeated experiences. To do otherwise would be foolish.

Don't suffer fools
I have found that prima-donnas, attention-seekers, know-it-alls and other personality types that vex the spirit are to be avoided. Rather than try to change or convert such individuals, an impossible mission in most cases, I will choose to disengage from these vexatious types as much as possible, whether individually or the venue in which they operate. They just aren't worth any of my remaining time.

Enjoy life
To the greatest extent possible, I will quietly revel in my accomplishments and share my light with others. I will try to do this in a humble and enthusiastic way. Humble because there are always those with greater accomplishments and enthusiastic because enthusiasm is one of the most live-giving and uplifting of human emotions for yourself and others.


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